Batteryless Bicycle Flashing Light System
A Non-Friction Bicycle Dynamo (Generator)

No Batteries - Ever! No Friction! No Resistance!
Rain or shine, fast or slow, the lights keep flashing!
Standby lights for stop signs!
Low maintenance high performance!
24 hours flashing lights free!
Very bright!
Working well in raining days.

Why is this better than other dynamos?

Performance: Most dynamos work by slowing down your tires, if they work at all. This Non-friction bicycle dynamo won't slow cyclist down.
No battery needed (save your money and protect the environment).
No friction on any parts of the bicycle. No need wind up any parts.
No drag can be detected in this device on bicycle; it is not a traditional dynamo. With this innovative electrical generating system you will not feel any extra weight when you are cycling. How it works?
4 white front LEDs and 3 red rear LEDs flash as the wheel rotates (even at very slow speed). No need to switch them on/off.
On standby lights version (SPL), 2 white LEDs at front and 3 red LEDs at back will be lit when cyclist holds the rear-wheel brake to stop the bicycle.
The lights are bright enough to be seen in daylight - 24 hour safety lights free!
Very reliable and simple design, no maintenance needed.
The safety lights were always flashing on your bike in any weather conditions (e.g. in a dark day) or road conditions (e.g. under a bridge or inside a tunnel). No hassle forever!
This light system works well in raining days.

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Flashing lights are 4 times more visible than steady lights.

The police would never caution anyone for riding with flashing lights on their bicycle.

In UK, flashing LEDs (front and rear) on bicycle are legal from October 2005. Click here to read the legal documents.